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Monday, March 1, 2010

Twelve more periods until Spring Break

Things are looking up in my Kagey World. My trouble student is on out of school suspension for the second time. He is going to fail my class and possibly be a drop-out but the school keeps giving him OSS. It is a vicious cycle and one that I am not sure how to stop. Well, actually, I can not stop anything. Just a classroom teacher am I.

Two of my other trouble students are out because they, uh, did illegal things during the school day. Here's a tip for our future leaders--don't take illegal things to school. Don't have illegal things. Then, no worries.

So, I am down several students and I would enjoy it yet I know I will just get more! Once again, a viscious cycle!

I have an interview soon with another school. It is a new school that is opening up. I am positive I am not qualified and trying not to get excited but you never know...of course, I am teaching English and I keep writig sentences with two conjunctions. This is bad too.

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