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Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic pair skating....

Tonight is the long program for ice-skating pairs. I still remember watching the Soviet Union pair of Gordeeva and Grinkov as a little girl. Their connection to each other along with their grace, beauty, and artistry was amazing. I could tell you that I watch ice skating now for grace and artistry but I would be lying.

I watch for the outfits. The clown outfits last night from the Germans-amazing. Tim Gunn probably had a heart attack watching. The girl had a bow butt on her outfit along with a sparkling multicolor zipper cover, a harlequin collar, teardrops on her face and bright red lips. I could just hear Michael Kor fussing, "Too many elements!" It was a trainwreck. Their coach, though, hot. Really hot. And the Ukrainians...I was speechless. Bright blue jumpsuits. Really? And blue eyeshadow? Was that a wise choice? My sister liked it. I thought it was trashy. Did they learn nothing from Tanya Harding? Blue eye shadow is a no-no.

I use to make Big A,my youngest child, watch with me. He would curl up with me and we would eat ice cream and discuss the outfits.He was brutal. Hearing your three year old say," Momma, that outfit has too many glittering things on it and it is totlly the wrong color," was priceless. Good times. My sister, thouh, said I couldn't make him into my girlfriend and Z,the oldest, said I was ruining him. This year he has deserted me for Spongebob.

That's OK, though, because I drafted the boyfriend into watching them with me. I described why it is bad to double axle instead of triple and he nodded like he is listening. He is actually checking out the girl skaters. He likes the short flirty skirts and the cheerleader underwear.

Tonight is the pair skating long program and I am beyond excited. Every skating season, I wonder if it would be better to be a pair skater or a single skater? I mean, skating single means I would only have myself to blame for mistakes. Also, training would only be me, myself and I. Boring. Doubles, though, I would someone to train with and someone to skate with on the ice. I can't imagine, though, being a pair and falling. Immense guilt. Totally. I mean, my partner jumps perfectly, and I fall on my ass. That fall costs us both a medal. I would have nightmares for years. Wouldn't be able to look at him. And, if my partner fell, I would be so devastated. Perhaps even angry.

So what do you think? Pairs or single if you were an ice skater?

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