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I feel life is either a grand adventure or a never-ending tunnel of doom. I am trying to find a middle. Somewhere.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random Thoughts

1. Why is there so much snow this winter? I never thought I would be tired of the snow. Snow, mush, cold, snow, mush, cold. Frustrating. Annoying.

2. I can go to sleep but I can't stay asleep. It is so frustrating.

3. My kids are off today but I have parent-teacher conferences. I am bitter. Kids can't come to school in the snow but teachers can!

4. My dog barks at the snow. Constantly. What is going through her mind? White flakes, white flakes. They move. Bark! I will get you, white flake. Bark. Bark. They don't seem to be afraid. I will growl at them. Grrrr...Arf! They landed on me. I must run in circles. Crazy dog!

5. My cat's ears are dirty. Really dirty. It's gross and I don't know what he does to get them so dirty. He is offended by the cold weather so he is on my bed, purring, while I contemplate cleaning out his ears.

6. I am an English teacher but I can't spell. Ironic.

Now I have to get dressed for parent-teacher conference. Bummer.

1 comment:

  1. I love how you get into the mind of your dog. I crack up everytime I read that.