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I feel life is either a grand adventure or a never-ending tunnel of doom. I am trying to find a middle. Somewhere.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Songs in My Head

Every day I wake up with a song in my head. I assume this fact is strange but maybe other people do it too. The song pretty much determines my outlook for the day. It usually is a song about work. So far, it has been "She Works Hard for her Money", "Hot for Teacher", or "Working Nine to Five." Nothing like starting your day in the eighties.

Lately, though, it has changed. I am having relationship trouble. He wants our relationship to stop at dating. He is comfortable. I am not. I want us to evolve and grow. Unfortunately, he is too stubborn and selfish to budge and I am too loyal and scared to break up. Standstill until one of us breaks. So, yesterday morning, I woke up to "You Oughta Know" in my mind. The chorus just kept repeating. Today, it was "Can't find a Better Man."

I assume my sub-conscious is annoyed. And telling me something.

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