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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Teaching...the never-ending struggle

O.K., dear blog readers, I am exhausted. I had a 2 hour delay but school just wore me out today. I gave phone lecture #435 (don't use your cell phone. I'll take it. No, I'm not talking to hear myself talk. I'll take it. Why am I taking your phone? Did you not listen to the lecture? Oh you were texting? Bummer, man), lectured a student about bullying, told failing students I would give them until Friday to call their parents, did mountains of paperwork, and went to play practice where I scolded a student in front of their mother. The mom was not happy.

I want to discuss this article but I am tired. I still have my online class to prepare and lesson plans for tomorrow. Read, think, comment. I'll discuss it Saturday.

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